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    We offer campus management solutions that improve institutional productivity,boost efficiency, and positive outcome ratio by streamlining work processes and enabling institutions go paperless.


    Online Cloud-Based Educational ERP

    An Integrated Educational Management Software Which Meets All Your Needs

    Boost Student Enrollment by


    Elevate Faculty Efficiency by


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    Centralized management of institutional data enables distinct users to manage their respective activities through a single platform.

    Secure cloud, role-based access, password & OTP encryption, auto-alerts for data security, located in earthquake-free zones & multiple back-ups ensuring disaster recovery.

    Easy & intuitive structure supporting vernacular languages & tool tips for helping users to adopt easily & navigate with ease.

    Onsite & Online Support to all users, with roadmaps for implementation enable fastest implementation & active participation of all users.

    Fast Implementation with streamlined processes and solution built on a cutting edge technology gives you a quickest ROI.

    Analytics powered dashboards for accessing actionable real-time information & generating reports for better decision-making & compliance.

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    Our cloud-based educational management system with tools to streamline administrative tasks, improve student engagement and performance, and track progress easily.


    27/7 Support

    Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to students, teachers, and administrators. Our system is user-friendly and designed to streamline the educational experience.


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    You can track attendance, grades, and lessons in real-time. Our platform allows you to securely share files and collaborate while providing access to resources.


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    Our cloud-based educational management system provides a user-friendly platform for administrators, educators, and students with streamlined workflow, improved communication, and increased productivity.

    Edu Cloud Educational ERP Features

    We designed this education ERP software to manage the daily operations of educational institutions efficiently and successfully. Our solution helps you to track the progress of your students, manage the organization efficiently, and supply a better education system with an easy-to-use interface