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    Faculty Features 

    EduBytes ERP is an incredible software that assures faculty members easy management of their personal details such as skills, qualifications, courses taken and previous employment records. This innovative system also handles admission management, student management, attendance management, human resource, employee attendance, and my attendance. It streamlines the process of applying for leave, viewing leave accounts, checking leave inboxes, and accessing leave ledgers for efficient leave management.

    With EduBytes ERP, designing class routines, organizing lesson plans, and creating academic syllabuses and schedules has never been easier. This software also boasts of transparency and accountability for examination management through exam planner, registration forms, student attendance, answer sheets, duty roster, exam results and virtual classrooms for remote learning.

    The EduBytes ERP software is the perfect solution for every school or educational institution that desires to remain relevant in the education sector. Try the software today, and experience the perfect blend of ease, efficiency, and productivity.

    Easily manage information of faculty like skills, degrees, courses and previous employment records.

    It offers the following modules:

    • Admission Management
    • Student Management
    • Attendance Management
    • Human Resource
    • Employee Attendance
    • My Attendance
    • Apply For Leave
    • My Leave Account
    • Leave Inbox
    • Leave Ledger
    • Class Routine
    • Event & Activity
    • Letter Box (Employee)
    • Academic Details
    • Syllabus Scheduling
    • Organize Lesson Plan
    • Assign Class Notes
    • Assign Homework
    • Update Class Work
    • Examination Module
    • Exam Planer
    • Exam Notice Board
    • Exam Registration Form
    • Exam Student Attendance
    • Exam Answer Sheets
    • Exam Duty Roaster
    • Exam Results
    • Answer Sheet Show
    • Exam Notice Board
    • Virtual Class