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    Admission Features 

    Edu Cloud is a platform that simplifies the student registration process for educational institutions.

    With Edu Cloud, you can create a user-friendly and transparent online form that collects all the necessary information from prospective students. You can also customize the form to suit your specific needs and preferences. Edu Cloud helps you streamline the enrollment process and reduce the administrative burden. You can easily track the status of each application and communicate with the applicants through the platform. Edu Cloud is designed to make student registration easy and quick for both you and your students.

    We have created a simple registration form that only asks for the essential information we need to process your application. The form consists of seven sections:

    1. Registration- Create your Account
    2. Personal Info- Name, Date of birth, Contact details, etc.
    3. General Info- Aadhaar No, Passport No, Identification Marks, etc.
    4. Parent Info- Father’s Mother’s Name, Occupation, Contact No, etc.
    5. Academic Info- Board Name, Grade, Marks, Subject, etc.
    6. Attachments- Admit, Caste Certificate, Photo, Anti Ragging, etc.
    7. Form Fees – Payment options: preferred method of payment.
    8. Final Submission

    We have also ensured that our registration process is transparent, meaning that you will be kept informed of every detail throughout the process. This way, you can be confident that you are making an informed decision and that we are committed to your satisfaction.