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    Examination Features

    EduBytes ERP system is an advanced education management software that offers a wide variety of features to teachers, faculty members and school administrators. One of these features is the Examination module that includes multiple features to help educational institutes to manage and organize their examination process efficiently. The module enables users to schedule examinations through various methods like CCE, CPA and much more with just a few clicks. The Exam Planer helps teachers to plan and create exam schedules for multiple subjects, while the Exam Master module allows faculty members to set up exam papers with ease. Additionally, the Exam Notice Board feature keeps students updated with the latest examination-related notices. Other crucial modules like Exam Registration Form, Hall Ticket, Exam Student’s Attendance, Exam Answer Sheets, and Exam Results enable educational institutes to have a seamless process for conducting and declaring examination results.

    EduBytes ERP system is a powerful software solution for education management that provides various functionalities to educators, staff and institute leaders.

    It offers the following modules:

    • Exam Planer
    • Exam Master
    • Exam Notice Board
    • Exam Registration Form
    • Hall Ticket
    • Exam Student Attendance
    • Exam Answer Sheets
    • Exam Results
    • Online Exam