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    Student Features 

    The Edubytes ERP Student module is an incredibly powerful and comprehensive tool designed to help educational institutions manage and organize all of the essential information relating to their students with ease. The software allows you to store and access a vast range of information about each student, including their personal details, academic records, attendance, and fee payment status, among others. With this module, you can streamline and automate many of the cumbersome and time-consuming administrative tasks that often come with managing large populations of students. This means that you can focus more on providing high-quality education to your students, knowing that their data is safe and well-organized within the Edubytes ERP system. So whether you are a small college, a university, or any other educational institution, the Edubytes ERP is an invaluable tool that can simplify and improve your operations.

    Our system allows you to store and manage all the data related to your students in a secure and convenient way. You can access the information anytime and anywhere, and use it to make data-driven decisions that enhance student outcomes.

    It offers the following modules:

    • Dashboard
    • View Profile
    • Update Profile
    • Fees Section
    • Miscellaneous Payment
    • Welcome Letter
    • Eligibility Letter
    • Upgradation Records
    • Attendance
    • Attendance Ledger
    • Class Routine
    • Academic List
    • Holiday List
    • Event & Activity
    • Event Registration
    • View Calendar
    • Letter Box
    • Virtual Class
    • Syllabus
    • Class Notes
    • Home Work
    • Exam Registration
    • Exam Link
    • Scholarships
    • Concession
    • Library
    • Apply for Hostel
    • Training & Placement