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    Financial Features

    EduBytes ERP is a robust and reliable financial management solution for Institute of all sizes. Its powerful features allow Institute to streamline their financial activities, from payment gateway master to fees head management, discount management, outstanding fees management, and much more. Moreover, it offers multiple payment options while tracking payment history and recording every transaction through payment receipt functions.

    This innovative system emphasizes the importance of accurate and secure processing and recording of every financial transaction, which enables Institute to increase their efficiency and profitability. It gives enterprises greater financial control and ensures they stay on top of their finances, no matter their size.
    Manage financial activities through various payment methodologies and flexible payment systems.

    It offers the following modules:

    • Payment Gateway Master
    • Fees Head Management
    • Discount Management
    • Outstanding Fees Management
    • Miscellaneous Fees Management


    • Payment History
      • Online Successful Transactions History
      • Online Failure Transactions History
      • Offline Transactions History
      • Payment Ledger History


    • Multiple Payment option
    • Payment Receipt